12 July 2016


I am the first to admit...I am definitely NOT very good at social media! Maybe it is the Faery in me, I just cant seem to make it a habit. I cant apologize for allowing life to come first, my writing and my creative efforts are at the forefront and I am just one of those who retreats into her cocoon and then reemerges after a time of rest,  please don't take it personally! I am still here, working on my next book which I am very excited about. The Sidhe Grove Online Faery School has been such a gift, I am so honored to have such wonderful students! In the process of creating new herbal products for the Hedgefaery Herbals shop and of course been working on creative endevours. The above image is my latest digital collage piece entitled Wise Woman of the Woodlands. Many blessings to all of you and I hope this post finds each of you happy and well. In closing, I will say that I will try my utmost best to be out and about in the social realms a bit more.
Many Faery Blessings,


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