20 March 2015

By Oak, Ash & Thorne : Faery Magazine!

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new Faery e- Magazine called – By Oak, Ash & Thorne; The Magick. Myth and Custom of Faery. This has been one of those big projects for me that had to be put on the back burner for a while but finally the time is here! Each edition is filled with informative articles, recipes, lots of gorgeous photos and art, seasonal rites and rituals, plus an area for all of you to submit Poetry or short stories to be published in the magazine as well as an opportunity to advertise your business in it too! The magazine will be a quarterly publication with every member receiving their issues in Spring (May) Summer (July) Fall (September) and Winter (November). Everyone who signs up for a subscription also gets a copy of my yearly bonus edition. This year’s bonus edition will be released in the summer and it is all about The Faery Garden! 

So the very first issue will be sent to subscribers on Friday 1 May. Moving forward the Spring issues will always be sent in March/April though. Yearly subscriptions are only $24.99 (1 year equals 4 issues plus 1 bonus issue) and will be available for pre-sale in my Etsy store and on my website at www.hedgefaeryherbals.com over the weekend! Each issue is emailed to each subscriber in PDF format that opens into a beautiful magazine flip style. You are able to save it and print it out if you wish as well. I had to launch the announcement on this beautiful First day of Spring to celebrate the Spring Equinox with all of you and the Faeries. Without their inspiration and encouragement of ideas, this dream would have never become a reality for me.  I hope you all enjoy it and have a beautiful Spring Day!

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