23 March 2014

Path of the Faery Doctor

Over the last year I have been working to develop a very comprehensive new course on the art and practice of working as a Faery Doctor! This is a beautiful and very old tradition that I am so honored to bring forth to all of you as it is a path that is very near and dear to my heart. As many of you know my path has always been that of the folk healer or Wise Woman working hand in hand between the veil with Faery. This has been my path for almost half of my life and I would not trade one moment! It is my honor and my purpose in life to share all that I know with all of you who want to learn from me.

Over the centuries, Faery Doctors have been the wise women and men that work with Faery to bring forth healing cures and folk medicine to treat those suffering from inflictions or misfortunes of the spiritual realms. As a Faery Doctor, one acts as a mediator between human and Faery, to bridge the gap between us and work together for the healing of all. This path involves knowledge and wisdom handed down from not only those traditional folk healers of the past but also the modern gifts and knowledge from the Faeries themselves today! I am so grateful to bring this forth at this time and my hope is that it will bring great blessings to you and your journey and a new found desire to be a keeper of Faery Magic! Please Click Here to Learn More About this wonderful new 7 month course!

I also have some new offerings in the store to include my own special Herbal Sigil Chalk, Faery Warding Votives, Hedge of Thorns Border Salts and more! 
Have a beautiful evening my dear friends,

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  1. You have been so usy, Joanna! xxx Tgis is so exciting and again, you are so inspirational! I hoe you are reeally well.

    Lots of love,



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