17 September 2012


He is the heartbeat of the primordial forest
The soft kiss of the breeze upon your skin
The scent of the incense of the wildwoods-the moss, the leaves, the bark, the sweet resins
He is the dark and he is the light-
Patient, fertile, sacred, sexual, primal
He is the breath of the Wolf
The strength of the Bear
The wings of the Raven
The Swiftness of the Stag
He is the sacred in every living thing
The eternal lover embraced in sacred union
He is the unending Spiral of Life, Death and Rebirth…

By Joanna Rowan Mullane

I have a deep connection to Cernunnos and thought I would share some of my art and words with those of you who also honor the Lord of the Forest.

Many Faery Blessings,


  1. I call him The Green Man. He is an old favorite of mine, your poem resonated with his spirit.
    BTW, I brought your book:Betwixt & Between A Faery's Herbal. I loved it.

  2. Great post:) I enjoy Celtic myth a lot and Cerrnunos is definitely one of the most intriguing figures in the pantheon.


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