07 March 2012

The Wylde Fayre Plant Spirits #5: Foxglove

 What a beautiful Full Moon it is going to be this evening (really it will be completely full in the early A.M. hours tonight!) I hope you enjoy the wonderful energies and harness that to use for creativity, herbal workings or whatever it is that brings you joy! Welcome to this months Wylde Fayre Plant Spirit entry in which we explore the beautiful Foxglove!

Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea):

*Please use caution when handling this plant and keep away from little hands and little paws; it is poisonous. Do not ingest!

This deceptively lovely flower is also known as Folks Gloves or Fairy Gloves  to honor the Fae Folk, it is also known as; Fairy Bell, Fairy Fingers, Faeries Petticoat, Fairy Cap and Fairy Thimble. It is known to be one of their favorite flowers that attracts them to your home and garden and has a well weaved myth about it's properties related to the Faeries and Faery Magick. As with most flowers and herbs of the Faeries Realm it is one that not only attracts but repels them. When one speaks of repelling Faeries, it is in the sense of any Faerie that is less than light or of a lesser energy. As in all things, there is light and there is dark, it is neither good nor bad, it just is, the Realm of Faery is no exception. In herbal Faery lore there are many of these plants that have a dual nature of attraction and repelling and it is wise to know these properties when it comes to their magick. Please do not get me wrong, I am not trying to scare anyone, I am only saying that when one works within the Spiritual Realms one should always tread carefully.

Foxglove is used in aiding one with communication with the Faeries and Nature Spirits, it is also a very protective and was often used as an old folklore herbal remedy to be able to tell if a child was a changeling left by the faeries if they stole the human child. Personally, I choose not to use Foxglove within any of the herbal blends that I sell but I do use a little in some of my own personal blends when working with the Faeries. I will however energetically infuse the properties of Foxglove (minus the poisonous properties of course) into a few of my herbal infused oils so that there is no danger of someone handling the actual flower itself or having it come into contact with them. Foxglove grows well in many areas of North America and It grows wild and in abundance within rocky crevices, mounds and dolmens throughout Ireland and Great Britain and can be planted easily within your garden too. Enjoy!

I wish you all a beautiful evening and many Faery Blessings...

In Faery Light,


  1. How lovely Joanna! I adore reading and seeing all your lovely things you do! big hugs!! Leslie xxx

  2. So happy to be a new follower, love your magical earthy blog. I used to see really large foxgloves growing wild in England. I live in New England (USA) now and haven't been able to get a good sized foxglove to grow in my garden! I may be moving house in the next year or so so I think I will save more foxglove plantings till then. Maybe the slightly warmer climate will be just the trick they need.

    Do pop by if you get a sec !

    xxx Lorraine xxx


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