19 March 2012

Spring Equinox Eve Blog Giveaway...

Welcome the coming Spring! One of my favorite times of year...who am I kidding...I love all the seasons within the wheel equally just for different reasons! To celebrate the beautiful Spring Equinox and Ostara tomorrow I thought it was a perfect time for a blog giveaway!! I have two items that I hope you will enjoy...

~The first one is an 8x10 print of my new ethereal Faery art called "Through Foxes Eyes" (see above) from the Doorway to Fairy Collection. I just opened the Forest Relics shop yesterday...
~The second is one of my new Faery Hedgecraft Cards set, I am just putting these in the Etsy store today so they are hot off the presses!

 A little about The Faery Hedgecraft Cards; there are 15 cards total, (see example in picture below), which have the properties on the back of the corresponding card as it relates to working with the Faeries and Faery Lore. They are then tied with a beautiful ribbon to make a book and so that you can easily flip through them. They are professionally printed on beautiful heavy cardstock for years of use and enjoyment!

 So now the fine details...all you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered for a chance to win either one...that is it, no muss no fuss! Just my way of saying thank you to all of you who leave your sweet thoughts and messages and to wish you a lovely and magical Spring!

The winners will be drawn on: 27 March, One week from tomorrow...

In Faery Light,


  1. These cards are beautiful and full of faery magick, your very talented my lovely.

    Rachel x

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway.

  3. I would love to be entered into either of your giveaways, they are both awesome! :)
    Lucinda x

  4. Please enter me in your lovely give away. I love the fox picture, and the cards are beautiful!

  5. The The Faery Hedgecraft Cards are beautiful!!! I've got my fingers crossed hoping to win them =D Thank-you for doing this wonderful giveaway!

  6. Hi Joanna... I love your hedgefaery shop! I favorited a couple items... This GiveAway is exciting too. Thank you! Are you in S.F. now? Much love, LL1111

  7. A radiant giveaway perfect to welcome Spring in.

  8. Congratulations on opening the new shop, Joanna! Happy Spring Equinox to you xxx Both of your creations are absolutely beautiful! I adore them both, but I must say that little fox is looking right at me! lol!big hugs, Love, Leslie xxx

  9. your fox picture is amazing! (much love to lauren, who introduced me to your work by favorite-ing you on etsy!)

    and the cards are so stunning.

    what an amazing give away.

    spring blessings!!

  10. Oooo what a lovely giveaway, these are both beautiful, I'm totally in love with "Through Foxes Eyes".


  11. These cards are absolutely beautiful! Sign me up!

  12. Wow both the Fox print and the cards are lovely please sign me up too.


  13. Parabens pelo post
    Espero voltar aqui outras vzs
    Estou convidando vc a visitar o meu blog e se tornar um seguidor
    Já estou seguindo vc


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