11 October 2011

Fairy Folks Are In Old Oaks...Wylde Fayre Plant Spirit # 4

Good evening to all! I hope you will be enjoying tonight's Full Moon energies! Thank you so much to all whom entered for my Samhain giveaway! Your comments and emails touched me deeply and I am so grateful to all of you! I added all the names of everyone who left a comment or added themselves as Friends of Faery on my blog and the name that was drawn was...

Iesadora of
Ripples Through Water!

Congratulations and again thank you to all of whom entered! I will be having another special one coming up so stay tuned!

As today is the Full Moon it is time for our next Wylde Fayre Plant Spirit! The reason for the title of this post is to offer a hint as to what this one is going to be about...I know I am deviating from "Plant Spirits" and going onto a "Tree Spirit", but it just felt right and it has a wonderful connection to the Faery Realm too! So tonight's "tree" spirit is the Great and Mighty Oak Tree!

The Oak tree has many sacred properties to include strength, protection, grounding, mysteries, fertility, ancient knowledge, divine power and most importantly it acts as a doorway or portal to Faery. The name of Oak within the Ogham system is the Celtic word "Duir" which translates as door or doorway. The roots of the Oak Tree are thought to extend down deep into the Realm of Faery. The Oak is very much associated with the wisdom of the Druids and it has been said that by eating the acorns of the Oak, they gained the ancient knowledge of the ancestors. The oak is a sentinel guardian, watching over the world with patience and great love. Honor her medicine-her strength and wisdom-by reciting this Tree Spirit chant I wrote a few years back. If you have an Oak close to your location that you can place your hand upon while reciting, that is wonderful-if not, visualization works amazing to connect to this magnificent Tree Spirit.

Ancient Tree Spirits of the Earth & Forests
Standing Vigilant & Ever Faithful

I offer you my blessings of healing

I offer my protection for your wisdom

Grant me your knowledge so that I might
be Tree-Wise

Stand Guard my Ancient Allies

I will watch over you as you watch
me and my loved ones
And So It Is

Have a beautiful evening...until next time...

In Faery Light,


  1. Wonderful post. Our neighbor has 3 oak trees that are very close to our property. They are so beautiful this time of the year.

  2. Thank-you Joanna!!! I'm sooooo excited =D Just sent you 2 e-mails thanks to my cat

  3. Congrats to the winner! I just love oaks. They are my favorite trees. :)

  4. There's an oak in my special place in the woods that is hollow and I often gaze into the darkness inside which is a portal to the Faery Realm.

    Thank you for the chant. All spells of crossing over are valuable.


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