12 September 2011

The Wylde Fayre Plant Spirits #3: Elecampane

Good evening to all and a blessed full moon eve! I hope you all will join me in celebrating this months Wylde Fayre Plant Spirit with me. This month is one of my favorites (oh, who am I kidding, which plant is not one of my favorites!) I hope you will enjoy whatever whimsical and wonderful ways in which you might incorporate it into your life and workings.

The Wylde Fayre Plant Spirit for the month of September is: Elecampane (inula helenium)

Elecampane is also known as Elfswort, Wild Sunflower, and Horseheal to name a few. It is a beautiful plant that offers its healing and magic from its roots, leaves and flowers. Deemed a sacred and honored plant by the Druids as well as the Faeries themselves, although as it has been used to appease them, it is also said that it can be used to break Faery charms and enchantments. The Druids were said to offer Elecampane Root upon their fire to honor the Wildfolk of the Woods and it is also used in Elven Magick in which you can create a tea infusion from the leaf and flowers or leave as an offering upon your Nature Altar to welcome their presence.
One of my favorite herbals to create is offering herb blends. For me they really bring forth the essence of Nature, reminding me of my Celtic roots and the love I feel for the traditional wortcunning methods in which I co-create with the Wildfolk, Nature, God, Goddess, Divine. This is my path of living in harmony with the Earth, as it is, as it always was, as it always shall be. The "Sidhe Offering Herbs" recipe can be used beautifully as an offering for the upcoming Autumn Equinox: Alban Elued or Mabon. Leave in a seashell or earthen bowl to honor their presence and the many blessings in your life.

Speaking of herbal blends, I am finishing up some more blends this evening of the full moon and will have all of these new herbal workings up for you to see very shortly. I hope that they may speak to you and you may try a few of my creations in your own spell workings and rituals.
Wishing you a beautiful evening filled with the light of the silvery Moon; may her presence be felt by all of you this night.

In Faery Light,


  1. The fairies *love* elecampane! The roots worked very well for me when I had a respiratory infection. I like the recipe you provided and will be making that one.

    By the way, your paintings are lovely.

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Your paintings are spectacular. I'm so crazy for herbal blends. Sunflowers are one of my favorites so cheery!
    Hugs Rosemary...xx


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