11 September 2011

The Wylde Fayre Plant Spirits #2 Lavender

Good evening to all of you! I apologize for missing the Full Moon post last month, this has been an extremely busy time for me and I did not even have a moment to paint a new plant spirit! I am happy to share with you last months Wylde Fayre Plant Spirit for August and tomorrow for the September Moon I will post the new one! I wish you all a beautiful evening filled with light, healing and love.

The Wylde Fayre Plant Spirit for August is Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

Lavender is such a versatile and beautiful healing plant with so many properties it is hard to choose but a few. Lavender invokes peaceful and sweet dreams, provides tranquility and brings harmony to the body, mind and Spirit. It is often used for love, health, peace while also being an amazing herb that clears and neutralizes disharmonic energies in the home or sacred space.

Lavender is a Faery favorite flower that assists with clairvoyance and divination and has been known to be a sacred herb used to see the faeries at twilight and dawn, the between times when the veil is thin and we are receptive to their energies. The scent of Lavender attracts them to the wild places of your garden and they are quite protective of this sweet and simple shrub. A beautiful plant spirit that will attract Nature to your home and garden to include bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, all of which are allies of the Faery Realm.

To celebrate the Spirit of Lavender and to honor the Faery energies of this amazing flower I offer my "Between Thyme Clearing Mist" recipe. In a glass blue or amber spray bottle add pure spring water leaving enough room to add the above drops of pure essential oils. Adding a lovely Clear Quartz crystal will add additional properties of clearing and sacred light to the blend. Shake well and spray around your home and sacred space to cleanse and harmonize!

Enjoy and I look forward to sharing the next one with you tomorrow!

In Faery Light
(Faoi Solas na SiĆ³g)



  1. How lovely! Not sure when I can get all these essential oils, but this sounds wonderful. Thanks!

  2. Lavender is one of my absolute favorite herbs and essential oils. There is nothing that lavender can't do! Thank you for sharing this wonderful info.

    Many blessings....

  3. I love lavender and this post is truly wonderful. Thank you so much.

  4. Lavender is my favorite essential oil and herb! I use it all the time for so many different things. If I had to choose only one oil to use forever, it would be lavender. Your mist recipe sounds lovely! Thanks for the great info. Many blessings :)


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