07 April 2011

The Faery Druid...

A little info about my new book:

There is a world just beyond our own, betwixt and between this world and that, the realm of the seen and unseen, shining in its magnificent splendor of light, this my friends, is the Realm of Faery…

The Faeries want us to remember, remember them, and remember our purpose, our place amongst all that is. They are part of us as we are part of them. Listen, not with your ears, but with your heart, their song plays softly throughout every fiber of our being. For the past seventeen years I have been working with, and learning from, the beloved Faerie Realm and our beautiful Plant Kingdom. Part workbook, part recipe book, part art book, but ALL Faery. A beautiful dance of trust and mutual respect shared between our world and theirs, a connection that we all have within us, we simply need to remember.

I am in the process of finishing up my website where my book will be sold, until then, you may purchase it from my blog safely and securely through Paypal. The book is 6x9 and 119 pages with 14 full color pages of my favorite Faery Art paintings throughout. It is a culmination of my own herbal recipes, charms and rites with ways in which one can connect and work with the Faery Realm and connect to our beautiful Earth Mother. The price is $17.00 and 4.95 for Priority Mail shipping for a total of $21.95. I hope you all enjoy it and I promise to have those pictures of Ireland up this weekend! Until then enjoy one of my latest paintings entitled "Sidhe Draoi" (Faery Druid) which is in my new book.

In Faery Light,


  1. I was sad not to win one of your lovely books. But as soon as some dollars come my way, I will be most delighted to purchase one. Congrats on publishing this! :) Theresa

  2. I love it! Oh, the Universe is lovelier for this book! Thanks!

  3. hi! has my book already shipped?

  4. Of course I had to order one.. I love learning about the Fey through you, you are a Beautiful Teacher. I'm so glad you are doing well my Friend! Blessings & Light ~ Sage

  5. hi! the book hasn't arrived yet! it has been over a month i think!
    last week i ordered some other books from etsy(usa) and they came today!
    why is this delay?


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