02 April 2011

Moonlight Brews & Blog Winners...

I just got back from Ireland a few days ago and it was so beautiful and I have lots to share with you in the coming posts but first...today is the day that I draw the names of two winners of my new book; Betwixt & Between A Faery's Herbal! I have been so excited to see who would come up! I added the names from people who left a comment and who followed my blog...and the winners are...
  • Enchanted Woodland
  • Dana Kucinski
I am so honored to share my book with both of you and cannot wait to see how you like it! I have them both wrapped up and ready to ship so please click on the "Email Me" link on my blog and send me your addresses so I can get these out to you both right away! Thank you so much to all who entered the giveaway! If you are still interested in the book I have more copies on the way and will have them for sale very soon.
These mason jars above are filled with my special Herbal Infusions to make one of my Hedge Salves; "Faerye Sight", one of my Hedge Infusions; "Oak Ash & Thorn", and one of my Hedge Simples with Rowan Berries. To all of my brews I add my own Faery Sigils to help empower the blends further, the one in the middle is for the Faerye Sight Hedge Salve and it is adorned with my hand dyed linen, painted with a Faery Sigil for calling the Fair Folk and adorned with Macaw Feathers. (See top picture of Sigil below)
Before I left for Ireland I celebrated Alban Eiler; or the Spring Equinox and with the Full Moon so close to the energies of that day, I just had to start some new herbal infusions brewing under its luminous light! The brews were ready when I got home from Ireland and I was able to spend the morning packaging my new line of Hedge Salves, Essences, Infusions, and Simples. These brews and enchantments will be for sale shortly on my new website that is coming soon.

One of my Faery Sigils below.

The picture above shares the beautiful tapestry of textures that Nature holds for us all. The rich golden buttery color of pure beeswax. This batch has a lovely sweet and floral scent! There is some Pinon Pine Resin that has the most beautiful color and aroma, this will be used in an incense blend shortly. Lastly the gorgeous Thistles that will be hung upside down from my herb rack to dry. I hope this inspires you to gather the treasures of the Earth to you this day.

In Faery Light,


  1. hi! please tell me where can i find your book? can i order it from you? maybe via etsy?
    have a wonderful month!

  2. Saying I'm excited to be one of the lucky winners is a total understatement! I am so happy and can't wait!!! I have already told everyone I've come into contact with this a.m.( husband, dog, and the birds at the feeder). Woooo Hooooo!! I'll post about this and your beautiful new Hedgefaery Herbals on my herbal blog. Thank you love! You're an inspiration and I'm beyond happy!


  3. Joanna, I am still stunned after receiving your email letting me know I was one of the lucky winners. I really can't wait to read your book. Really, thank you so much.

    And I am most definitley inspired to gather the beautiful abundance that Mother Earth provides. It is only the last few months that I have returned to my passion for herbs, I think the Faeries guided me there again. I used to spend most of my times out walking the dogs learning about herbs and drying them and I did a correspondence course. Thank you so much for really inspiring me and sharing all your knowledge and wisdom.

    Much love,


  4. Many congratulations to your lucky winners. :) I am sure they will enjoy your beautiful book. The spring brings such inspiration. We have been trying to gather treats as we find them...last time we found cedar roses. Today we found freshwater clam shells. Theresa

  5. Quick note.. thought of sending telegram...



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